Conscious Conception, in recent years, has become a catch phrase to lure intentional clients into programs that speak of offering greater that any capacity to deliver, as this consciousness is not about attracting the clients, but about aligning consciousness with a myriad of professional & shamanic tools gained by decades of consciousness created.

In the 15 years that Amy has dedicated to the deeper understandings of Womb Wisdom, her own journey into parenting gave her the platform for confirming that her program toward Conscious Conception is one for those that wish to raise conscious children, consciously.

Amy has always recognised that the human body is capable of balance & that this balance is required for all sides of health & fertility to initiate the onset of Conscious Conception. As a veteran Dr of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Amy has deep seeded skills in assessment & treatment, delivered in the most accessible form with Amy’s compassionate care & undeniable mastery of her craft which you will desire to follow for your families transformation.

Providing her clients with the tools for success is Amy’s foundation, giving her 98% success rate in fertility support, its Amy’s capacity to initiate your bodies ability to participate in the creation of this Consciousness from the initial consult to the preparations for birthing & beyond into post natal care. From the energetic alignments, deep meridian treatments & supplemental tonic herbs that compliment the health requirements for your balanced body to achieve the continuation of Conscious Conception.

Amy has been complimenting Western practices in fertility support including all forms of Assisted Reproductive Technology ( IVF, IUI & ICSI), with:

  • her body & hormone balancing,
  • enhancing endometrial lining,
  • improving ovarian reserve & egg quality,
  • Sperm health & viability,
  • reducing risk of miscarriage,
  • successful embryo implantation,
  • stress reduction
  • continued compassionate support throughout a prescribed IVF cycle.

Fertility Foundations Program (12 Week)

Amy has recognised in recent years that distance between her clients created more profound passageways to healing & fertility transitions. From this revelation Amy has facilitated programs for her clients that are unanimous with her clinic treatments, bringing a balance to your body that is required from the information delivered in your intake form.

This 12 week course will enable the bodies transition toward fertility in a completely individual basis, allowing the intimate variables in your balance to be sought & attained with the greatest truth & ease for your body & soul to facilitate in the physical realm.

Course Includes:

  • Successive 4 Weekly & 4 Fortnightly phone consults with Shamanic Acupuncture & Deep Meridian manipulation
  • Partner processing with Shamanic intersection
  • Tonic Herbs prescribed & delivered for vitality & physical capacity to compliment the couples individually designed fertility program

To discuss working with Amy contact her team at Maple St Acupuncture  info@maplestacupuncture.com.au