Due to Covid-19 restrictions Amy is currently only taking phone consults and her Dark Moon Alchemy Tonics for the rest of 2020.


Hi, I’m Amy Rhodes

I am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, the founder of Maple St Acupuncture, creator of Dark Moon Alchemy, Shamanic Yin Chinese Medicine facilitator and the creator of the Conscious Conception program CREATION.

I have spent over a decade specialising in women’s health, fertility and pregnancy as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, mentor and guide. Before this, I was a practicing Reiki Masters Teacher and food as medicine practitioner.

I have spent decades passionately researching, witnessing and learning ways in which women and men can become more conscious in their creation of life, for the benefits of all involved in that life…and there are hundreds of ‘miracle babies’ as proof!

Over the past five years, I have delved deeper into the Shamanic feminine lineage of Chinese Medicine, traditional Qi Nei Zang (psychic surgery), ancient Tantric and Taoist Sacred Sexuality practices, Shamanism and the embodiment of the masculine/feminine, dark/light, yin/yang.

Creating consciousness around conception is so much more than creating a ritual space in which to make love, saying a mantra and making love on mountain tops. It is is knowing the capacity of your Womb to hold life, the capability of the Heart to hold space, and knowing the inner workings of the mind to hold presence. It is deeply knowing the energies compatible for the creation of life.

Meet your deepest self with presence, patience and an open heart.











I would like to express my gratitude to the women who graciously permitted me to use photographs of their children as visual representations of encouragement and og what is possible, and also to those who respectfully declined.

With love,