Due to Covid-19 restrictions Amy is currently only taking phone consults

and her Dark Moon Alchemy Tonics for the rest of 2020.


Holding space toward a deeper connection is often attempted, but the depths gained by your experience will sit firmly on the truth of your host. It is this energetically charged individual that provides the open gateway to self & intent, giving participants the ability to transcend the limits of past & engage in the new projections of a future self. Having Amy as your host is guaranteed to bring a new balance to your inner peace as the tonic of truth guides the initiation of self.

Amy has been developing her inner self intentionally, learning from a wide range of mentors & renowned practitioners of self awareness, bringing her dimensions of perspective to your world in both physical & spiritual realms. Her role in guiding & assisting international retreats with her shamanic & medicine woman practices have gained Amy a reputation within the elite fields of international self awareness & the retreats these guides host.

Channeling her extensive knowledge in the bodies deep meridians beyond Chinese Medicine & Reiki, Amy has developed programs & retreat intentions that deliver yourself the deepest form of spiritual alignment & internal pathway exchange for change.

Shamanic Acupuncture Retreats

‘When the energetic channels in our existence are understood time & space fall back into place’ a statement of truth that helps us understand what our human bodies are capable of in the world we live.

Amy believes that any treatment of this kind amplifies intentional potency, charging the body with a direct stimulation back to balance & optimal health supported with the use of supplemental Tonic Herbs on an individuals basis. The body is a mechanical wonder with an electrical system that is often short circuited, Amy has dedicated her study to this, allowing her Shamanic Acupuncture to put this back together

Having always studied energetic understanding, from Reiki Master to Dr of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Taoist Shamanism & Tantra, the results come to a surface & transcends into the alignment of our bodies portals & deep meridians linking pathways to bring connection back to the longterm solutions.


Amy enters our being in both her Shamanic retreats & Distance Healing’s as a way to purify the path to healing & overcoming that which serves us no longer. whether it health in physical & mental/spiritual form, energetic displacement of being or location, past life reconciliation

Her reputation for pop-up clinics in major destinations around the world has found full schedules & extended visits being required to fulfill the demand she creates.


Shamanic Yin Acupuncture Blood Moon Jan 2019

Couples Fertility & Connection Retreats

Hosted in both individual & group retreats, Amy has been delivering her insights into balance of being in relationships as she does with her fertility clients, workin on deeper levels of connection, understanding of self & abilities to share in the balance of a beautiful partnership connection. With the realms of masculine & feminine, light & dark, both as individuals & intentionally as couples, her capacity to help her clients bridge the gaps & connect truth & understanding of

Fertility Foundations Program (12 Week)

Amy has recognised in recent years that distance between her clients created more profound passageways to healing & fertility transitions. From this revelation Amy has facilitated programs for her clients that are unanimous with her clinic treatments, bringing a balance to your body that is required from the information delivered in your intake form.

This 12 week course will enable the bodies transition toward fertility in a completely individual basis, allowing the intimate variables in your balance to be sought & attained with the greatest truth & ease for your body & soul to facilitate in the physical realm.

Course Includes:

  • Successive 4 Weekly & 4 Fortnightly phone consults with Shamanic Acupuncture & Deep Meridian manipulation
  • Partner processing with Shamanic intersection
  • Tonic Herbs prescribed & delivered for vitality & physical capacity to compliment the couples individually designed fertility program

To discuss working with Amy contact her team at Maple St Acupuncture